1920s, prior to the American Great Depression, Lillian Helling boarded a ship with her sister. Leaving behind her parents running a small family bakery, in a small German town, she set off to America to see if she could live a life filled with joy. Fast forward almost 90 years, and Lillian’s granddaughter anxiously and eagerly opens the doors of Elkhart’s first gourmet cupcake shop. Not knowing whether the “cupcake fad” would last, or if the bakery would become successful, Kelly Bowdoin only knew one thing: her passion. A passion for baking, but more importantly, a passion for creating joy with a simple cupcake.

Kelly, along with her daughter Ashley, began Mini Delights Bake Shoppe. Kelly knew that by staying true to fresh, high quality ingredients, she would be able to provide the 574 with top-notch treats unavailable in neighboring areas. Specializing in mini and full size cupcakes, Mini Delights became a staple in the Elkhart community.

Almost six years after Kelly opened the shop, she called up her niece with one question in mind: “Do you want to bake some cupcakes?”

And that’s where we find us now. Lisa Greene, along with her brother Steve Greene, operate Mini Delights Bake Shoppe with the goal of continuing Kelly’s passion for sweets and smiles. Lisa has also expanded the menu to include macarons, cookies, custom cake decorating, and much more. Being a former educator, Lisa saw how simple actions and colorful treats could brighten the lives of any child. So now taking her passion for baking, she wishes to continue brightening lives, one cupcake at time.

“Find something you’re passionate about, and keep tremendously interested in it.” - J. Child